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Americans spend $65 BILLION

That’s over $800 for every

But the world is changing and people are thirsty for something different,
something new.
Something healthy, something organic.
People are thirsty for Juice Bar of the Future.
Juice Bar of the Future works as easily as a tabletop soda machine but requires less than half the space!
The difference is, instead of offering unhealthy, artificially flavored and sweetened beverages, we offer five refreshing, delicious organic options.

Instantly enjoy all of the alkalizing, energizing and cleansing benefits of garden-fresh, super greens and superfoods with this healthy and delicious GREEN POWER shake. We use only non-GMO, whole foods for a blissful apple-berry flavor. Who knew greens could taste so sweet?

Coconut water is one of nature’s best sources of electrolytes and one of the hottest new trends in healthy beverages. We have added the power of turmeric and the delicious flavor of pineapple to make Coco Hydrate the best rehydration product available. Target joints with extra support for an active lifestyle.

With 16+ grams of pure vegan protein, MVP Sport supports muscle building AND muscle recovery with less than 100 calories. Our proprietary sport formula uses enzymes and probiotics for easy digestion and rapid assimilation. This blend also includes adaptogenic herbs such as maca, turmeric, and chaga mushrooms that target joints for extra support for active lifestyles. Users love its creamy chocolate taste.

Maintain vascular integrity and health with Can’t Beet This!, a delicious, energizing fruit punch with natural herbs and plants to support a busy lifestyle. Low in sugar, our natural energizing formula delivers oxygen and nutrients to fuel workouts and increase endurance.

Our light, refreshing aloe vera blend contains probiotics and enzymes along with a hint of ginger to maintain proper and healthy digestion, relieve gas and make your belly feel great.

An Organic Revolution

Organic is HOT and it’s no longer a trend. The demand for organic beverages is expected to quadruple over the next ten years. And Juice Bar of the Future is ready to meet that demand.

Who Will Offer Juice Bar of the Future?

Any business that serves drinks to consumers and wants to offer a healthy option while earning more revenue and reaching a wider audience. Most importantly, those looking to offer organic options.

How is it Related to Purium?

Purium has gained an exclusive partnership with Juice Bar of the Future to market the machines and has coupled our amazing drink mixes with the incredible new technology to bring our superfoods to the world!

A Beverage Breakthrough

Compared to other organic beverage options, Juice Bar of the Future offers these advantages:

– No plastic bottles
– No expiration date *
– No refrigeration necessary
– Low operating cost

*Extended shelf life greatly reduces possibility of expired product

How It Works

Each serving is individually blended at the touch of a button from our shelf stable and highly nutritious dehydrated superfood drink mixes. A double whip mechanism ensures an excellent blend and a smooth texture.
Each serving is mixed in seconds, just before consumption, creating “freshly-made” quality and nutritional potency.

Our on-demand, instant mixing concept is unique in all the industry and gives you a big advantage over your competition. The compact design allows for over 1000 servings to be stored internally for minimal maintenance and space requirement.

How Much Will It Cost?

Each machine comes with enough superfood drink mixes to serve over 1,500 beverages and costs just under $7000. Price includes shipping, delivery, installation, warranty, and 3 years of water filters*.

* Includes 6 filters that handle 12,000 gallons of water per filter

Earn $$ FAST

Get “in profit” after your third drink each day*
*With 3-year financing option
Pay for the entire machine simply by selling the 1500 servings included with your machine.
Qualify for zero money down and 90-day deferred option with our 2-hr instant credit approval.


Morning setup and evening cleanup can be done in less than 10 minutes total. A weekly sanitizing requires less than a 30 minute commitment. That’s less than 10 hours per month!
Delivery, installation, setup included in the price
Our online support staff is standing by to help with any troubleshooting issues you might have.


The organic beverage market is growing.
Demand for healthy options is on the rise and Juice Bar of the Future is ready to meet that demand.
Take advantage of this unique marketing opportunity to help your customers get healthier bodies while you generate healthier profits at the same time.

Resources and Support

Please call 562-655-8773 for any and all Juice Bar of the Future inquiries. Our online support team is also standing by to answer your technical questions and assist with any troubleshooting needs. Please email [email protected] and inquiries will be answered within 48 hours.

Meet The Team

Dave Sandoval
Co-Founder & CEO

Skillfully garnered 30 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of phytochemistry and herbology, creating a large demand for his services and formulas.

Brian Der Garabedian
Co-Founder & President

Talented engineer and innovator whose generational modification led to the Juice Bar of the Future’s market-ready version.

Eddie Tantoco
VP, Business Development

Our global Team and partners are helping many companies and non profits accomplish their goals through our network of business, government, and military leaders from all over the world.


Utilizing advanced mixing technology, this beverage dispenser has an auger motor with revolutions per minute (RPM) feedback and a high-speed, heavy-duty whipper to assure consistent and complete mixing.

Yes. Every Juice Bar of the Future includes a Delivery and Installation guarantee, and a 3- year service and warranty package. We also provide a 3-year supply of water filters. The warranty covers labor for 1 year, parts for 2 years, and electronic boards for 3 years. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear.

Please call 562-655-8773 for ordering and general inquiries, or contact [email protected] for technical support. Please allow 24-48 hours for questions to be answered.

The following payment forms will be accepted: checks and cashier’s checks addressed to Juice Bar of the Future (care of David Sandoval),  credit application (see bottom of the page for more information), and invoices sent to [email protected].

The return of a machine is subject to a 25% restocking fee. Drink mix blends retain Purium’s standard 60-day money back guarantee.

The Premier Package Includes:

  • 1- Juice Bar of the Future with Display Graphics
  • 7lbs – Green Power Shake (Apple-Berry Fusion)
  • 7.5lbs – Coco Hydrate (Pineapple Essence)
  • 15lbs – MVP Sport (Creamy Chocolate)
  • 6.5lbs – Aloe Digest (Apple + Lemon + Ginger)
  • 6.5lbs – Can’t Beet This (Fruit Punch)
  • 6 – 12,000Gal/6Mos Omnipure NSF Certified 10 Micron Filters with mounting head, bracket, and fittings
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Warranty

We will also take care of support. Should any issue arise that can not be solved over the phone or by email, we can have a service technician dispatched.

The price is $6,999

Our mobile package is geared for food truck, remote or event applications. The mobile package comes with everything included in the premier package PLUS a set of die-cast metal legs to withstand the additional lateral forces demanded on the machine and a bottled water system that operates using 5-gallon water bottles instead of plumbed water. The mobile package costs $7,200.

The credit card reader will be available in the fourth quarter 2019

Our machines are manufactured by BUNN-O-Matic Corporation of Springfield, Illinois USA

There are 5 initial flavors with plans for over 20 different offerings. Our 5 current flavors are Green Power Shake (Apple-Berry Fusion), Coco Hydrate (Pineapple Essence), MVP Sport (Creamy Chocolate), Can’t Beet This (Fruit Punch), Aloe Digest (Apple + Lemon + Ginger)

At Juice Bar of the Future, we understand that counter space comes at a premium. That is why we have a footprint of just 24”D, 20” W, and 33”H. Additionally, our top-hinge allows for no counter space needed to open the front of the machine.

We require a water supply line within four feet of the final installation location

A minimum of 20 PSI is required. The maximum allowable is 100 PSI.

A 120 volt AC 15-amp branch circuit is required within four feet of the installation location.

Empty, it weighs about 136 lbs. When filled with water and powders, it is closer to 235 lbs.

Reverse Osmosis should never be used alone as it may cause the water holding tank to overflow and flood. Use the included filters to prevent this from happening.

We endorse Omnipure filters as their quality and thoroughness are among the best in the industry. We provide 3 years worth of water filters with your initial purchase.

The Juice Bar of the Future is equipped with a self-cleaning function that can be used in as little as five minutes a day for light duty. We recommend a daily cleaning which will take about 15 minutes (utilizing the self-rinse function as needed).

For optimal results, a 15-minute daily deep clean is recommended.

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